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5 questions to ask before making an offer

In the current property market we all want to buy our home or investment property at the lowest price possible.

On the other hand the vendor wants the highest price he can get. We all want to buy our investment at the lowest price possible

And you now know that the asking price quoted by the selling agent will usually be more than the owner is willing to take for their home.

It's just part of the real estate game - vendors know the asking price will come down as part of the negotiation process.

So how much should you offer when negotiating for your next investment property?

If you ask the selling agent what price you should offer, you're asking the wrong person.

Remember, the agent is paid by the seller to represent them and to get the best price possible.

Despite this I would still ask them what they would consider was a 'fair offer' and then ask them to justify it with a list of comparable sales.

If you’re thinking that the agent just wants to make a sale, in many cases you are right.

In reality the agent doesn't get paid unless a sale is made, so obviously he is keen to sell you the house.

Most selling agents prefer an easy negotiation, knowing that sellers can easily get offended when they receive low offers on their homes.

This means they will probably recommend you make an offer close to the asking price.

So unless you use a buyer's agent to help you negotiate, you are really going to have to rely on your own research to work out what the property is worth.

By the time you end up at the negotiation table, you should have looked at many properties and have a pretty good idea of what similar homes in the area have sold for. Property Price

Remember it's the final sale price, not the advertised asking price that you need to focus on when you're doing your pre-negotiation homework.

In general most properties sell for less than their asking price.

There is no standard discount, but as everyone knows there will be some 'argy bargy' about the price as agents tend to ‘list’ the property for sale at an asking price usually about 5-10% more than the vendor will accept to sell their home.

This means the asking price is just a starting point for the negotiations.

If you pay what the seller is asking you could be wasting money.

The trick is to know how much less the seller will accept. Sometimes it's only a few thousand dollars.

In a buyer's market like we experienced over the last few years, many vendors were prepared to drop their asking price considerably.

Before deciding on what price to offer - here are five questions you should consider asking:

1. How did the vendor come to the asking price for their home?
Was it from the agent's suggestion or because that's how much they need to buy their next dream home?

Some sellers are unrealistic and unlikely to come down from their asking price if they have to get a certain amount for a particular reason.

2. Have there been any other offers made?
This lets you know if you have any competition and how serious the vendor is about selling their home for a reasonable price.

3. How long has the home been on the market? Deciding on what price to offer
If it's just been put up for sale, the seller may not be anxious to accept the first offer.

If the home has been on the market for several months it's more likely the seller would be ready to accept your offer.

4. Why is the vendor selling?
Are they going through a divorce? Do they have to move interstate urgently?

Have they already bought another home that would put them under pressure to sell their current home?

This will let you know how motivated the seller is.

5. Has the asking price been reduced during the time the property has been on the market?
This will tell you whether the seller is really keen to offload their home and also let you know that you might have a motivated seller on your hands and perhaps greater bargaining power.

Good luck with your negotiations!

Now is the time to take action and set yourself for the opportunities that will present themselves as the market moves on


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