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By Mark Creedon

12 transformative success habits

There is no one perfect formula to achieve success, which is probably a disappointment for many people! success invest

Alas, too many people think they can simply follow one person's individualised model of success and achieve the same stellar results.

The issue with this idea is that everyone's path can be very different because each person on the earth is different.

But while it may be hard to come up with a 100 per cent foolproof formula for success there's no denying that successful people share certain traits.

So, in the first part of this two-part series on transformative success habits.

Let's take a look at 12 of them, shall we?

1. Solution oriented

Successful people focus on solutions rather than problems that do crop up from time to time.

It's this solution-oriented approach that is one of the cornerstone habits of successful people.

2. Positive opportunism  

They are able to spot opportunities where others fail to find any under the same circumstance.

Successful people have the ability or train themselves to have it, to not be permanently put off by temporary setbacks.


3. They fuel on their fear

Successful people don't display some type of superhuman fearlessness.

Instead, they fuel on their fear to get past it rather than being handicapped by it.  

4. The right mindset

On their path to success, they do not merely walk straight ahead.

They put up countless questions – those that instil a creative, focused productive and positive mindset.

5. They are busy, proactive and productive

Successful people are always busy, taking on challenges proactively and productively.

This is the opposite of many people who love warming their couches, thinking more than acting, and generally going around in circles.


6. There is no "i" in team

They believe in the power of a team more than the power of one.

They love to capitalise on the successful habits of others around them – the like-minded people they prefer to build their teams.

7. Innovation, not imitation

Their transformative success habits usually feature innovation rather than imitation.

They may follow a number of different success models or mentors but they also consider how they can adapt the steps to their own personalities and ambitions.

8. They never stop learning

Successful people never stop learning.

Indeed, they are on a never-ending learning spree, constantly engaged in self-education by reading, listening, understanding and experimenting.


9. They keep their emotions in check

Successful people are human like the rest of us so they do experience ups and downs in their lives.

The main difference is they are strong and organised enough to manage their emotions.

In fact, they are the masters of their emotions, unlike many others who end up being slaves to theirs.

10. They believe in an ordered and conquered life

They live their life according to a plan and work meticulously to turn it into a reality, unlike spending life as a consequence that's filled with haphazard choices and decisions.

11. They have balance

Unlike what many people assume, truly successful people do not measure the value of their success in terms of financial gains.

They value people and relationships and live a truly balanced life, trying harder than most of us to do so successfully.

Work Life Balance

12. They are actually kind, generous and caring

Another transformative secret of successful people is that they are really kind, generous and caring.

In fact, the majority of them support various charities, though the majority of us might assume otherwise.

They do this, often off the public radar, because they are strong believers in paying back the good fortune they have created for themselves.

So, as you can see, there are a number of transformative success habits that everyone can adopt to improve their lives.

They may not individually make a big difference to your chances of success but if you take on a number of them, then you're much more likely to live the life of your dreams as well as one that's rich and not poor in every way you could imagine.

About Mark Creedon Mark Creedon is Director of Metropole's Business Accelerator Mastermind and business coach to some of Australia's leading entrepreneurs - each who call him their "unreasonable friend"
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Being generous, kind, and caring are actually some qualities of success that people forget. Emotional intelligence plays a big role in success, nevertheless, many people still assume that the qualities of success lie in financial development and phys ...Read full version

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