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What type of properties do millionaires buy around the world? - featured image
By Michael Yardney

What type of properties do millionaires buy around the world?

What type of properties do millionaires buy around the world?

That's a question OnStride in the UK looked at - what would a One Million Pounds  (equivalent to $1.8 million Australian ) home look like in different parts of the world?

Not surprisingly, they found one million pounds will buy you vastly different properties in different locations in the world

Below are some interesting graphics showing how much floor space a million pounds will buy you in different cities around the world.

Got your tape measure ready?

Millionaire Property Map

The map below shows what’s on offer around the world.

Clearly that million quid (now that's an old expression isn't it?) or your $1.8 million Australian gets you a whole lot more in one region than in another.

It will obviously buy a great home in Sydney but could even get you a whole neighbourhood in outback Australia.

In Singapore that cool million pounds will get you more than six times as much as in nearby Hong Kong, despite both being small, business-oriented islands with similar GDP.

how much space does 1 million pounds buy

Millionaire Properties Side-by-Side

This second graphic shows you the relative space in each of the cities surveyed.

At a glance you can see you’ll get a similarly-sized property in Stockholm, Sydney, or San Francisco: perhaps three-four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a toilet, plus a lounge and big, open kitchen-diner.

There’s probably a garage and a porch or conservatory too. A generously-proportioned family home, but not really a mansion.

You’ll find more than double this floor space for a million pounds in Birmingham or Berlin.

How Much Space Does 1 Million Pounds Buy in 20 Cities Around the World

Biggest and Smallest Million-Pound Homes

The last graphic shows potential designs for the cheapest and most expensive cities covered by our research.

A million-pound flat in Hong Kong would nestle neatly into the master bathroom of an epic pad in Glasgow.05 How Much Space Does 1m Pounds Buy Infographic

Read more at: OnStride

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