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What Investors And Businesspeople can learn from Professional Athletes – part 2 - featured image
By Brett Warren

What Investors And Businesspeople can learn from Professional Athletes – part 2

Have you ever considered that professional sports people are at a huge advantage when they retire and turn their interest to the real world?

There are many lessons, I believe we can learn from them as investors and as business people… 15 to be precise!

If you missed my first article (part 1), you may want to review this as I share the first 5 lessons.

In this article we will visit another 5 lesson we can learn from Professional Athletes…

5 Things Investors and Businesspeople can learn from Professional Athletes part 2 3

6. Overcome Adversity

Professional Athletes are incredibly persistent.

Once they have a goal, a burning desire they can be like a dog with a bone, they are rarely deterred.

Sport TrainingThey will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of their goals.

They understand along the way there will be setbacks in the form of injuries, poor form and external influences that take them off track or knock them off their feet.

But they get straight back up and shake themselves off with a renewed motivation.

As Property Investors and Businesspeople it is the same, the successful ones persist and rarely get knocked off course.

It may be a poor week for sales or a year or two of poor growth, but they keep persisting, they work with their coaches to adapt and overcome and they just seem to find a way to get back on track and keep moving toward their goals.

The old saying…. “get knocked over 9 times, get up 10”

7. Learn from their losses and move on

After a tough week or month, when was the last time you stepped back and reviewed your property portfolio or your businesses’ performance?

Professional athletes do this a minimum of once per week.

It may be something simple like watching video to help them understand a technique flaw or how they should have positioned themselves.

I know as a team, professional athletes also spend hours watching footage with their coaches after a loss so they can improve as individuals and as overall a team.

Rather than dwelling on their losses they have the ability learn quickly and move on.

How often do you sit down with your team or mentors to reflect on where you are and where you need to be and then make the necessary adjustments?

8. Put themselves out there

I also know for a fact Professional Athletes put themselves out there.

Many college athletes in America, whether it be football, basketball, baseball etc send out highlight reels to perspective professional team coaches and recruiters in the hop they are drafted.

FootballThey chase their dream, they don’t wait for it to come to them.

I know many Entrepreneurs, that are too afraid to put themselves out there.

They are worried what people think, or they are uncomfortable in front of a camera.

To sell their service or product, they need to get in front of as many people as possible, as the saying goes “you can’t sell a secret

9. Perform under Pressure

Huge amounts of pressure are part and parcel of being a professional athlete.

There every move I sunder scrutiny both on and off the field, especially since the introduction of Social Media.

They face huge pressure to perform in arenas filled with thousands if people and TV audiences of potentially millions!

Sport OlympicsThe best seem to able absorb it and then thrive off it.

I am sure property investors and businesspeople rarely come under the same scrutiny in those numbers, but I am certain at times it sure feels like it.

How you deal with pressure matters.

It is those split-second decisions, in the heat of the battle that will make or break you and it can feel like the world is watching.

The best leaders have a lot of experience in these pressure cookers and can use it to their advantage.

10. Never switch off

Professional Athletes never switch off, they have their end goal first and foremost in their mind at all times.

I feel this also is a similar trait for many business owners, I know some that have an incredible work ethic and always seem to be at their desk.

TrainingProperty Investors are different, as creating wealth and growing an asset base is a slow burn, it can take a long time, decades in fact.

But there is a difference between never switching off from the big picture and getting lost in the everyday and that’s where professional athletes thrive.

They never forget why they are training, jumping in and out of ice baths and making sacrifices, as it is all part of the big plan – it will all be worth it is their mentality.

They also allocate blocks of time for downtime and rest and force themselves to switch off.

In Summary

Professional Athletes use their burning desire and their dreams to overcome adversity.

Sports NewThey also study themselves daily, weekly to learn from their losses and as a result they are able to make the necessary corrections and move on.

They are willing to put themselves out there to the masses in pursuit of their dream, while many may be too timid to step outside their comfort zone and then with millions of people watching they have the ability to perform under pressure, time and time again.

Like everyone with a dream or significant goal, they never switch off, while this can be a hindrance, I believe it is a major benefit as their goals is always firmly in their sites.

If you can understand, but more importantly put into practice some of these lessons, you will be well on your way to achieving your goals and dreams.

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