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This is how the shape of the typical Australian family is changing - featured image
By Michael Yardney

This is how the shape of the typical Australian family is changing

Demographics is a major driver of our property markets.  city family urban suburb

And the 2016 Census came us some intersting insights into the way we live.

More than half of us now live in one or 2 people households - I remember when the "typical" family was mum and dad and two children.

And more families are only having one child - not really surprising with the cost of living today.

Population by family type

Source of graphic: The Australian

The changing nature of our families.  

Almost half the nation belongs to a family with dependent children and according to demographer Bernard Salt the family will continue to dominate the Australian social landscape for another generation.

But families come in all shapes and sizes and they are contorting in every direction.

While the number of families with only one child rose by 19% over the last Census period (the general population grew by 18 per cent), the number of people living in families with eight-plus people increased by 64 per cent to 266,000.

Large families are on the rise

Source of graphic: The Australian

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