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By Mark Creedon

There are no easy options: you have to choose what is hardest for you

Running your own business is challenging.

Business StressNot only do you have to do the work, you have the do the work to create the work, the work to administer the work, and the work for the finances of the work.

Unfortunately, there is no easy money for operators of the more than 2 million small businesses across Australia.

It is difficult to perform the range and complexity of tasks involved in running a business.

You might find yourself struggling with too much work at once, then nothing.

Or you might hate putting yourself front and centre for the marketing you know you need to do.

Or you might be overwhelmed by the tasks of what to do next.

But there are things that are harder, like missing out on family events or holidays because you don’t have the money or losing the option to educate yourself because you have no cash or time.

These things are hard, too.

Basically, in life and in work, you have to choose what is harder for you.

What is your ideal life?

Dream Job2

Our team at Business Accelerator Mastermind know the pain.

We’ve been there.

And we know how to help so you can build your business into more than just a job.

You can unlock the flexibility, lifestyle and empowerment you sought when you started your enterprise.

Maybe you want to work four days a week.

Or only during school hours.

Or you want to earn a seven-figure return.

All these things are possible, but you have to do the work and set a plan for that outcome.

What else is hard? Missed opportunities are hard

But it is also hard to not take up the opportunity you have started to explore for yourself.

It is hard to commute into an office or worksite every day where you are uninspired and unrewarded.

It is hard to have to make emotionally draining choices about what family activities or holidays you can afford to take.

It is hard to feel undervalued and underappreciated at your workplace when your skills and value is not used to its full potential.

These things are really hard.

It’s easier to record a video than miss out on a holiday

At the Business Accelerator Mastermind, we think those things are harder than some of the business activities people generally find intimidating.

DelegateWe think it is easier to go to a networking event or make a marketing video or write some thought leadership.

We can help you figure out what to say and how to say it.

We think it is easier to outsource and scale than doing everything yourself and becoming overwhelmed.

We think it is easier to learn how to solve business problems, often ones we have encountered before.

And we think it is easier to do all this with a like-minded group of people who can keep each other accountable.

It is easier to make the hard choices in order to get the reward.

What are some key elements to get a grip on in order to success in business?

You can’t get where you want to go without a plan.

A business plan will have four key elements.

  1. Your vision: where do you want your business to go and where do you want to be in those daily operations.
  2. Your goals: these are specific targets you have to reach in order to make the vision a success.
  3. Your projects: what are the different strands of the business that will combine to get your closer to your goals.
  4. Your actions: what precise tasks do you have to perform in order to work on each project.

And throughout all those steps, you need to be accountable to yourself and measure your outcomes.

Systems to minimise the “hard”

You need to have the systems in place so the business can keep earning money without you putting in additional hours.

ActionThis means having others perform the tasks, or selling products without your direct input.

Ultimately, the business should be able to operate day in and day out when you are on holidays or out of the office living the life you want.

It is all about getting the foundation right for scale.

You must be prepared to put in the initial effort to systematise and strategise for your operations, to ensure you create an effective framework for future work.

It is also important to take advantage of the range of marketing opportunities available to promote your brand, your business, and drive sales.

Choose your future life Work Very Hard

Sadly, there is no easy option.

It is difficult to run a business, and it is difficult to have missed that opportunity.

But with the right systems in place, and some assistance and accountability, we can help to make running that business much easier.

This brings you closer to achieving the lifestyle that you want.

And isn’t that worth it all?

About Mark Creedon Mark Creedon is Director of Metropole's Business Accelerator Mastermind and business coach to some of Australia's leading entrepreneurs - each who call him their "unreasonable friend"
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