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By Sam Alaaeddin

Forbes rich list 2024: Australia’s richest people

Forbes has released its annual rich list for 2024 revealing the world’s richest people.

The report shows that there are now more billionaires than ever - 2,781 people across the globe in total.

Which is 141 more billionaires than last year.

And together they have amassed a total of $14.2 trillion in net worth, up another $2 trillion from 2024 and $1.1 trillion above the previous record set in 2021.

Rich People

While these numbers are interesting, what we really want to know is where our richest Australians ranked.

The richest people in Australia

In total, 48 Aussies made the list of the world's richest, although only 5 made the elusive top 200.

Billionaires in the mining, software and manufacturing industries feature heavily, but also retail, casino, investment, construction, and real estate businessmen and women make the list.

Australia’s iron ore mining magnate and heiress Gina Rinehart takes the top spot as Australia’s richest citizen, ranking in 56th place on the global list thanks to her $30.8 billion net worth.

The 70-year-old built her wealth on iron ore after rebuilding her late father’s financially distressed company Hancock Prospecting, and is also Australia’s second-largest cattle producer.

She sits far ahead of the next Australian on the list - which is Andrew Forrest in 101st place.

The 62-year-old businessman founded Fortescue Metals Group and invests in many sustainable energy projects.

His net worth currently sits at $19 billion.

Third on Australia’s list is Harry Triguboff in 111th place and a $16.5 billion fortune under his belt, a huge increase from the $13.1 billion net worth he had last year.

Harry, who was born in Dalian, China to Russian parents, came to Australia as a teenager and is now managing director of real estate group Meriton, also known as ‘high-rise Harry’.

Fourth and fifth on the list are Atlassian’s Mike Cannon-Brookes and Mike Farquar whose $13.3 billion and $13.0 billion net worths see them place in 148th and 152nd in Forbes’ global rankings.

The Sydney-based duo started their software firm soon after graduating from college, funding it with credit cards.

Here’s the full list:

Name Net Worth Global Rank Industry
1 Gina Rinehart $30.8B 56 Mining
2 Andrew Forrest $19B 101 Mining
3 Harry Triguboff $16.5B 111 Real Estate
4 Mike Cannon-Brookes $13.3B 148 Software
5 Scott Farquhar $13B 152 Software
6 Anthony Pratt $10.6B 203 Manufacturing
7 Richard White $8.2B 312 Software
8 Kerry Stokes $6.6B 417 Construction equipment, media
9 Frank Lowy $6.5B 424 Shopping malls
10 Vivek Chaand Sehgal $4.9B 624 Auto parts
11 Cliff Obrecht $4.4B 712 Software
12 Melanie Perkins $4.4B 712 Software
13 Clive Palmer $4.3B 734 Mining
14 John Gandel $3.6B 896 Real Estate
15 Jack Cowin $3.6B 920 Food & beverage
16 Lindsay Fox $3.0B 1104 Logistics, real estate
17 James Packer $2.9B 1143 Casinos
18 Alan Wilson $2.8B 1187 Retail
19 Bruce Wilson $2.8B 1187 Retail
20 John Wilson $2.8B 1187 Retail
21 Michael Hintze $2.7B 1238 Investment
22 Fiona Geminder $2.4B 1380 Manufacturing
23 Solomon Lew $2.4B 1380 Retail
24 Bob Ell $2.3B 1438 Real estate
25 Cameron Adams $2.2B 1496 Software
26 Brett Blundy $2.2B 1496 Retail, agribusiness
27 John Hancock $2.1B 1545 Mining
28 Gerry Harvey $2.1B 1545 Retail
29 Bianca Rinehart $2.1B 1545 Mining
30 Ginia Rinehart $2.1B 1545 Mining
31 Hope Welker $2.1B 1545 Mining
32 Anthony Hall $1.9B 1694 Technology
33 Heloise Pratt $1.9B 1694 Manufacturing, investment
34 Sam Hupert $1.8B 1764 Technology
35 Terry Snow $1.8B 1764 Real Estate
36 Sam Chong $1.7B 1851 Mining
37 Michael Heine $1.7B 1851 Finance & investments
38 Gretel Packer $1.7B 1851 Finance & investments
39 David Teoh $1.6B 1945 Telecom
40 John Van Lieshout $1.5B 2046 Real estate
41 Chris Wallin $1.5B 2046 Mining
42 Mario Verrocchi $1.4B 2152 Retail
43 Angela Bennett $1.3B 2287 Mining
44 Bruce Mathieson $1.3B 2287 Hotels
45 Sam Tarascio $1.3B 2287 Real estate
46 Nigel Austin $1.2B 2410 Retail
47 Chris Ellison $1.3B 2410 Mining
48 Manny Stul $1.1B 2545 Manufacturing

Source: Forbes, 2024

Top 10 richest on the planet

Bernard Arnault overtook Elon Musk as the richest person in 2024 due to a 21% decline in Musk’s wealth, from $245.3 billion to $194.6 billion.

The billionaire chairman and CEO of the global luxury goods company LVMH runs dozens of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Sephora, and Tiffany & Co.

The French businessman also has investments in businesses such as Netflix and ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok.

In third place was Jeff Bezos with his $192.4 billion net fortune, putting him ahead of Mark Zuckerberg and his $161 billion net worth.

Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth grew by 39% over the past 12 months, pushing him up from 7th to 4th place in the global rankings.

Here’s the full top 10 list:

Name Net Worth Industry
1 Bernard Arnault $233 B Retail
2 Elon Musk $195 B Automotive
3 Jeff Bezos $194 B Technology
4 Mark Zuckerberg $177 B Technology
5 Larry Ellison $141 B Technology
6 Warren Buffett $133 B Finance & investments
7 Bill Gates $128 B Technology
8 Larry Page $121 B Technology
9 Steve Ballmer $116 B Diversified
10 Sergey Brin $114 B Technology

Source: Forbes, 2024

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About Sam Alaaeddin With well over a decade's experience in asset and wealth management, Sam is an Elite Wealth Planner at Metropole and leverages his expertise to help clients achieve their wealth management goals. He holds a bachelor’s degree in law and commerce (Finance) and a Diploma in Financial Planning.

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