Globally, succession and inheritance issues (cited by 56% of respondents), wealth taxes (50%) and the global economy (47%) were identified as the three main factors threatening wealth creation over the next decade. 

After the top three identified risks were legislation directly affecting the wealthy (36%) and stock market volatility (32%).

At the bottom of the list of 12 were “Know Your Client” initiatives (4%) and anti-money laundering initiatives (4%).

When asked why their clients were so concerned about handing their wealth to the next generation, 62% of respondents said they didn’t feel their children would be encouraged to make their own wealth, while almost half said they wouldn’t know how to handle the investments.

At a regional level, personal security and safety was high on the agenda in Latin America, with 63% of respondents citing it as a concern that has grown over the past 10 years.


Risks Wealth Creation and Preservation

Graphic by Knight Frank

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