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The 10 Wealthiest Countries in the world – Look at Australia! [infographic] - featured image
By Michael Yardney

The 10 Wealthiest Countries in the world – Look at Australia! [infographic]

We certainly live in the best country in the world, at the best time in history.

According to market research company New World Wealth, the world has accumulated $215 trillion in private wealth, a 12% increase over the last year.

Incredibly, the vast majority of this wealth – about 73.5% – is held by just 10 countries and when you look at the chart below you'll see that Australia is punching well above its weight:-

Rank Country Wealth ($ Trillions) Change (2007-2017, %)
#1 United States $62.6 20%
#2 China $24.8 198%
#3 Japan $19.5 22%
#4 United Kingdom $9.9 -2%
#5 Germany $9.7 0%
#6 India $8.2 160%
#7 France $6.6 -11%
#8 Canada $6.4 25%
#9 Australia $6.1 83%
#10 Italy $4.3 -19%

Over the last decade, China and India have more than doubled their wealth.

Meanwhile, developed economies like the United States and Japan have increased wealth at modest rates – and some, like Italy and France, even lost modest amounts of private wealth over that duration of time.


And according to New World Wealth, the best is yet to come for Australia, as the same 10 countries will dominate the landscape – but the order will change over the next decade with Australia moving up the ranks increasing its wealth at a rate that is very impressive for a developed economy.

By 2027, it’s expected to be the world’s seventh richest country in terms of private wealth, with a total of $10.4 trillion.

Proj. Rank Country Proj. Wealth ($ Trillions, 2027) Change (2017-2027, %)
#1 United States $75.1 20%
#2 China $69.4 180%
#3 Japan $25.4 30%
#4 India $24.7 200%
#5 United Kingdom $10.9 10%
#6 Germany $10.6 10%
#7 Australia $10.4 70%
#8 Canada $8.3 30%
#9 France $7.3 10%
#10 Italy $4.7 10%


The 10 Wealthiest Countries in the world - Look at Australia! [infographic]
Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

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Hi Michael, Thanks for posting this infographic, which was very interesting, re 2007 to 2017. My only question is why the UK, France, Germany and Italy are all going to have equally the same 10% growth 2017 to 2027, while they are furthered ageing ...Read full version

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