Macquarie Bank interest rate report [video]

The Reserve Bank Board met on Melbourne Cup day, Tuesday 3rd November, and kept official interest rates on hold at 2%. Since last month’s meeting, key data continues to indicate the Australian economy is growing at a moderate pace. Inflation at 1.5% The most recent inflation rate reading of 1.5% shows demand in the economy…

3 reasons the Reserve Bank can't overlook the inflation genie when it meets today- Pete Wargent

The Reserve Bank meets today to decide what to do with interest rates. All too often, real estate-slanted commentary on interest rate decisions follows a line something like: “With dwelling prices in ‘X’ doing ‘Y’, then interest rates should fall…” Which would be all well and good if we had a dwelling price targeting Central…

3 more interest rate cuts to come: Wespac Bank

What’s going to happen to interest rates? There seems little doubt that there are more rate cuts ahead- but how many, how much and when is of interest to property investors. Well…Bill Evans, chief economist at Westpac, who’s had as good a track record as any at predicting these things, forecasts  three more rate cuts,…

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