Digital media are changing the face of buildings, and urban policy needs to change with them

Digital media on building facades are changing the appearance of our cities – this creates a need for new urban policy guidelines to retain architectural quality and promote social engagement, writes… Niels Wouters, University of Melbourne Looking over the Melbourne skyline in the evening, I can see at least four high-rise building facades containing digital…

Home prices tell us the value the public puts on green spaces

Australia’s growing cities face a shortage of urban parks –  Often, the provision of parks is seen only as planning compliance or an accessory, writes… Shanaka Herath, University of Wollongong Homes near green amenities are more desirable and more expensive because residents are willing to pay higher prices to gain the many benefits of green…

Why urbanisation is mostly a suburban phenomenon

The world is rapidly urbanizing. The United Nations estimates that sometime around 2008, half the world’s population was urban, for the first time in human history. They estimate that by 2050 nearly two thirds of the world’s developing nation populations will be urban, while for the developed world, the figure will be a massive 86%….

Urban density matters – but what does it mean?

One person’s high density may be another’s sprawl; the same tall building may be experienced as oppressive or exhilarating; a “good crowd” for one can be “overcrowded” for another, says… Kim Dovey, University of Melbourne and Elek Pafka, University of Melbourne In debates about urban density we often find comments about buildings being too tall…

Infrastructure unlocks suburban pockets

There are many factors that affect a suburbs value. Infrastructure is one of those. In his regular column on Switzer John McGrath takes a look at the relationship between new infrastructure and rising home values. Here’s what he said: In preparing this year’s McGrath Report, we wanted to look forward and consider the game-changing trends we expect to see…

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