Did we really create 127,500 jobs in the last 2 months?

Unemployment has dropped to a 2 year low! Erm, well OK, that wasn’t supposed to happen! The November 2015 Labour Force figures followed up the enormous gains of last month (+58,600 jobs before revisions) with an even more humongous result, with seasonally adjusted employment increasing by +71,400.  The data claims that the economy added nearly +127,500 jobs in just…

Ripsnorter Employment Figures Mean Interest Rates On Hold

This week’s strong employment figures suggest interest rates won’t move this year Lets look at this in 3 parts: Part 1 – Employment rips A dominant jobs report with total employment more than doubling market expectations in leaping by +58,600 in October, with a pleasing smash of +40,000 in full-time employment.Sample rotation will doubtless account for some of…

This is why only some areas are experiencing property price growth

Last weeks figures showed that job vacancies improved (more jobs are being created). Positive news ahoy as private sector Job Vacancies increased by +8.8 per cent over the year to August, suggesting reasonable employment gains ahead. Total private and public sector vacancies were up by +8.5 per cent over the year to 160,200. NSW economy leads the nation…

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