How Australia can capitalise on Chinese tourism

Australia will have to adapt its tourism offerings to attract of growing market with changing expectations, writes… Susanne Becken, Griffith University and Noel Scott, Griffith University Chinese tourism around the world is experiencing a boom: the numbers of tourists are increasing and the types of tourism diversifying.  But Australia will need a more culturally sensitive…

Here's Another Way Australia Can Benefit From China

There’s no doubt China has, in a large part, been responsible for Australia’s relatively buoyant economy over the last few years. Would you believe the apartment building boom, heavily funded by the Chinese, has been responsible for a fifth of Australia’s economic growth over the past two years? But there is another way we can benefit from China’s growing economy… Chinese…

Chinese tourists favouring Australia

After some collection problems earlier in the year, the monthly overseas and arrivals data is back in order and showing some new emerging tourism trends. The monthly overseas arrivals and departures data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is a treasure trove of insight into who is travelling to Australia. Over the 12 months…