48 things technology will kill this decade [video]

Socialnomics  posted a great blog predicting 48 things technology will kill this decade. Make sure to watch this fun video with some interesting predictions… Blind dates, instruction manuals, desktop computers, offline voting, homework, car keys, resumes, wrist watches and more will be replaced this digital decade by advances in technology. What else do you think will…

Robots are moving in to our homes, but there’s no killer app

Social robots have exploded into the market in recent years, but what can they really do? writes… Elaine Chen, MIT Sloan School of Management Not too long ago, robots were giant, caged things, mainly found in automotive manufacturing lines. Social robotics was a new field of research pursued by the best and brightest in university…

What construction jobs will look like when robots can build things

A scenario analysis of the construction industry in 2036 paints an interesting picture for workers, writes… George Quezada, Data61 By 2034/35, almost 20% of Australians (6.2 million) are projected to be aged 65 or over. One sector already feeling the impact of the ageing population is construction. In Queensland, the number of construction workers aged…