Could Commodity Values Explain the Housing Market?

Commodities are a really interesting predictive tool. Research exists showing that current commodity prices can indicate future movements in anything from GDP growth, to something as specific as student enrolments in engineering courses. It makes sense then that commodities exported from Australia could provide insight into housing market movements. The relationship might be particularly distinct…

Do the dramatic sharemarket gyrations mask longer term dangers?

We should not panic over the events of the last week. But slowing growth in China and concerns over “secular stagnation” in advanced economies present huge challenges writes… Richard Holden, UNSW Australia The past week saw dramatic movements on global equities markets, triggered by concerns about the Chinese economy. There were steep falls on indices…

Share scares and growth gripes

This week saw a great deal of upheaval in the share markets. China worries have cascaded, with the fallout spreading across the global share market. In the most recent Oliver’s Insight, Dr. Shane Oliver explains all you need to know about the drop in share prices – and where to go from here. Here are his thoughts: The…

The Best Thing to Do During a Scary Market

When the markets get scary, there’s an overwhelming temptation to do something, anything really, with our portfolios. But we know better. We all know on an intellectual level that selling during a dip is a bad idea, and the data confirms that successfully timing the market is, at the very least, highly unlikely. Yet it feels crazy to…

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