How to profit from renovations & property development

If you are wondering, “Can I really make money out of renovations or property development?” then you MUST listen to this FREE WebCast series. If you are interested in growing a significant property portfolio and particularly if you are interested in understanding the fundamentals of property renovations and property development then you must listen to a…

What over a decade of conducting property education seminars has taught me

As you might guess, with my annual “Property  Development & Renovations” Workshop coming up in October, I’ve been pretty busy preparing for what has long been regarded as Australia’s leading advanced property training. That got me to thinking, what have been my biggest lessons from conducting property educational seminars for the last 12 years?

8 sure fire ways to lose money in property investment

I’ve heard it said that property investment is simple, but it’s not easy.  Now this is not a play on words. Let’s face it… each year hundreds of thousands of Australians turn to property investment as a way of developing financial freedom, or getting more choices in their life or building a retirement nest egg….

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