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More workers are catching the train in Australia's capital cities

How do you get to work? According to AHURI, trains are experiencing the greatest increase in patronage of work commuters, although private car is still the most used mode of transport In Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, the number of people catching a train to work recorded the largest increase proportionally between 2006 and 2011. The…

Cars or trains: which will win the commuting future?

Infrastructure investment is a hot topic and the focus of that discussion tends to lean towards transport infrastructure over other categories (like energy or water for example). When it comes to transport, trains seem to feature prominently on the wish lists of big investment or ‘nation building’ projects. But how far could billions of dollars…

The demography of employment part 4: The Commute

Parts one to three of this series looked at the spatial distribution of work in our major metropolitan centres, and the income profiles of employment based on geography. The findings, simply put, are that between 8 and 9 out of ten of all metropolitan region jobs are in suburban locations (not CBDs). This tends to…