The Bottom Line on Commercial Leases - Part 1

Advanced investors are always looking for new financial vehicles to consider and commercial property is one such option that’s growing in popularity.  Unfortunately, some investors don’t fully understand its unique peculiarities, including the importance of leases.   With the growth of super fund investment in property, along with it has come a surge of interest in…

Abnormally High Sale Listings Recorded for April 2016

National residential property listings rose during the month of April 2016 to 366,151, increasing 4.1% from March 2016. Sale listings were abnormally high for most capital cities in April largely due to the extra ‘weekend’ of sales activity, with a total five Friday’s occurring during the month. That said, year on year results have recorded…

The construction projects that broke the bank [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’re in the middle of  a property and construction boom at present, buoyed by strong population growth and low interest rates. I hope the developers of today learn some lessons from the mistakes of others in the past. Before the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 there seemed to be  one common goal  in construction projects…

17 Major Property Markets Recorded Falling Prices | Residex April Market Update

The latest data and analysis of the Australian housing market reveals that 17 of our major dwelling markets recorded negative growth in the March quarter. The following table  presents the latest statistics summary:- Table 1: February 2016 Summary The surprising capital growth standouts were the ACT and Hobart – Australia’s smaller and often forgotten cities. Capital…

2016 is going to be a boom year

I predict that 2016 is going to be a boom year!  But before you start wondering what Michael’s “on” to make a comment like that, let me explain… I believe this is going to be a boom year for fright! The media is at it again and there is no shortage of scary stuff in…

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