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Little secrets about property investment loans that lenders like to hide

As a property investor seeking to make the most from your portfolio, every little aspect counts, right? When it comes to finance in particular, maximising your borrowing capacity, having the right loan structure and product(s) and saving money wherever possible are top priorities. So wouldn’t you like to know some of the banks’ secrets that…

How soon will interest rates rise again?

It was no surprise that the RBA kept interest rates on hold at their September meeting, but home owners and property investors are not out of the woods for the remainder of the year yet and should factor rising rates into their budgets well into 2011. Recently there has been a great deal of speculation…

How to choose the right investment loan

Faced with the prospect of selecting the best  investment loan from literally hundreds of lenders and thousands of products, exactly how do you make sure you get it right? Understandably, most property investors focus primarily on buying the best possible property for the best possible price. Many never even give much thought as to how…

Residential property development funding

With the very real need for increased housing over coming years, residential development is an attractive property investment option for many people.  It has the potential to generate significant equity when well planned and executed. The most common project undertaken by individuals is the construction of two townhouses or units on one block of land….