Interstate migration is rising again - but why?

Melbourne and Sydney are once again dominating our population growth I looked in detail here at the different components of Australian population growth, which appears to have bottomed out at a sturdy +313,200 per annum and is projected by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to strengthen forthwith, largely driven by the issuance of visas to international students. Population…

Australia's population hit a milestone: Here's what it means to you

Australia reached a population milestone while you were sleeping According to theAustralian Bureau of Statistics Australia’s population hit 24 million at 12.51am on Tuesday 16th February.   This is 17 years earlier than official predictions made at the turn of the century. In fact we’ve  added the latest million people in record time. It’s been just 2…

Infrastructure & population growth

Sadly an inevitable consequence of the internet age for investors has been a focus on shorter and shorter timeframes. While extra frequency of analysis can be interesting and fun, for most investors the best results will be secured by seeing the big picture and building a long term plan around it, particularly so in property…

Look what's happening to migration trends

Migration to Australia is slowing. The ABS released its Overseas Arrivals & Departures figures for September 2015 which confirmed that net permanent and long-term migration continued to slow to +282,400 on a rolling annual basis, which is now the lowest level since July 2007. With New Zealanders and Europeans having increasingly opted to pursue more appealing or lucrative…

Slower population growth helps regional unemployment

I’ve doubtless sounded like a broken record at times over the last couple of years as regional Australia has failed to add new jobs on a net basis thus resulting in rising unemployment. However, with the national population growth rate having slowed to +1.4 per cent but employment growth firing along at a rollicking +2.1 per…

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