mining towns

How will the mining boom look a year from now?

The Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics (BREE) released their September quarter update on the resources and energy sector this week which revealed a fairly upbeat assessment of Australia’s resource driven exports sector.  The BREE update highlights that prices for key Australian commodities are falling and further falls are expected.  Providing some counterbalance to the lower prices…

Mining Boom assures property profits

By now you know we have a 2 speed economy in Australia, with one leg being driven by our mining boom. But what if this falters – what will it mean to our economy and the property markets and you and me as property investors? According to a report by Standard & Poor’s, it could…

Beware of the boomtown blues

On the back of every resources boom, there’s invariably a mini property boom in mining towns as speculators (I don’t consider them investors as they’re out to make a quick buck) try to cash in on the influx of industry personnel seeking rental accommodation for the term of their contract. But are these apparent investment…

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