Three charts on: how part-time work is growing more slowly, but more men are doing it

Even though the shift towards part-time employment has actually been happening for many years, it now appears to be slowing, writes… Jeff Borland, University of Melbourne Even though part-time work is growing, this growth is slowing over time. Employment figures for the early months of 2017 have shown stronger growth in full-time rather than part-time…

10 million Australians couldn't last three months jobless

Many Australians could be putting themselves at financial risk by not preparing for the unexpected.  The survey of 2,027 Australians found that 55% of respondents – the equivalent of 10 million adults – didn’t have sufficient savings in the bank to survive three months if they lost their job tomorrow, up from 48% in…

Push for longer hours makes headlines, but more Australians want to work less

Australia’s labour market does a relatively good job of accommodating the preferences of the majority of workers – But that’s not to say there’s no-one who wouldn’t prefer to work more – or less, writes… Mark Wooden, University of Melbourne The Australian Tax Office (ATO) abandoned plans requiring its staff to work 37.5 hours per…

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