A guide to your pre-settlement inspection

Once a homebuyer or investor signs on the dotted line there is a bit of a waiting game before the property finally becomes theirs. During that time, there are a number things that can take place, including building and pest inspections if you haven’t done these already, finance approval and conveyancing. There is also something that…

10 Options if Your Property Doesn’t Sell

Unfortunately, not all properties sell the first time they’re listed for sale, even in a hot market.  Those that do sell can go pretty quickly, while those that don’t can languish on the “for sale” register of selling agents for some time. Around 20% to 30% of properties fail to find a buyer. Whatever the…

Buyer’s agents are not created equal

If you are looking to engage a buyer’s agent, it pays to do your research.  Investors must be cautious of the motivations of the person they choose to act on their behalf. A buyer’s agent should only be paid by one party – the investor, they should lend their expertise to the benefit of the…

A guide to guarantors for first home buyers

Parents have helped their children buy homes for generations.  Back then, it was often via a cash gift that their child – often newly married – could use as a deposit. Today, many parents are equally interested in helping their children, especially when property prices have made saving a deposit more difficult for first home buyers….

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