Foreign investment

How to buy an Australian property as a foreign investor

The Australian property market has drawn increasing numbers of overseas buyers in recent years, with many of them enjoying record capital growth and strong rental returns. However, with recent moves from government bodies and regulatory agencies to slow down the housing boom and restore affordability for young Aussie buyers, the landscape has changed a little….

Foreign property investment plummets due to tough regulations

Foreign investment in Australian residential property has fallen by around two thirds  Now that has to affect the new apartment market in our big capital cities!   The number of approvals for residential purchases fell by 67 per cent last financial year, according to the latest Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) Annual Report 2016-17. This has largely…

Australia’s foreign real estate investment boom looks to be over. Here are five things we learned

Foreign investment in Australian property has plummeted by more than half, signalling an apparent end to the China-fuelled real estate frenzy –  along the way we learned some useful lessons about boom and bust, writes… Dallas Rogers, University of Sydney Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) reported this week that foreign residential real estate approvals…

Should ‘Punitive Measures’ On Foreign Investors Be Eased?

Following the downturn in building activity that started in March, the Housing Industry Association (HIA) said the nation’s housing sector has “already stepped back” in its role as a major driver of the Australian economy. “Now is not the time for governments to hit the industry with punitive charges,” said Tim Reardon, the HIA’s principal…

Turning Tides in China’s Forex Reserves Could Leave Australia Awash With New Investment

Foreign exchange (forex) reserves in China increased for the fourth consecutive month in May 2017. It is the longest growth period in Chinese forex in almost three years.  If the trend continues, Chinese financial regulators may ease capital controls currently inhibiting foreign direct investment. Central banks use forex reserves to offset currency depreciation when the…

322pc surge in foreign residential investment

Foreign investment surges (China rising) The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) released its much-awaited 2015-16 Annual Report and it showed that the greatest investing countries in Australia are now China ($47.3 billion) – for the third consecutive year – and the United States ($31 billion).  Total foreign investment increased substantially from $191.9 billion to to…

Why Chinese investors find Australian real estate so alluring

Chinese real estate investors might be more interested in investing in their homeland rather than Australia, given the changing market and regulations, writes… Erika Altmann, University of Tasmania and Zhixuan Yang Chinese investors are often blamed for Australia’s escalating house prices but a number of factors might mean the demand will drop off in coming…

The truth about foreign property investment in Australia

Can you guess how many new apartments foreign investors are buying in Sydney and Melbourne? Well, until recently, guessing was all anyone was doing because we had no hard and fast data on foreign investor activity in Australia. But now we do – and the numbers are astounding… Foreign investment frenzy According to new research…