The "real" Australian unemployment rate is 18.9%

Australia’s real unemployment rate is higher thank you think – and that’s a concern.  In September 2.498 million (18.9%) Australians were unemployed or under-employed. The Roy Morgan real unemployment figures are always substantially higher than current ABS estimate for August 2017 (5.6%)  In September – marking two whole years (24 straight months) more than 2 million Australians have been looking…

It’s official: June employment is at a record high of 12,330,000

Where are all the new jobs being created? While the winter temperatures keep cooling down, Australia’s employment number are heating up according to Roy Morgan Research. In June the total Australian workforce was a record 13,530,000 (up 540,000 in 12 months) and employment grew to a record 12,330,000 (up a large 587,000) with 1,200,000 (down 47,000)…

Look how many jobs we're are creating - Guess where they are

Employment growth soars  Other business indicators and surveys have suggested more upbeat conditions than the labour force surveys have implied in recent times, and this month the employment data snapped back into line. The economy reportedly added an outlandish +52,100 full-time jobs in May 2017, a surprise to almost all observers. Over the last three…

Sydney unemployment rate falls to 4.4%

Employment moves up a gear Total employment has suddenly surged in recent months, to be 195,300 higher over the year at 12,136,400 in original terms, for annual growth of a solid 1.6 per cent. The bulk of employment growth has continued to be part time in nature, however, reflective of significant slack in the labour…

Three capital cities are adding more than 80 per cent of jobs

Employment growth The Detailed Labour Force figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today showed that Australia added just over 220,000 jobs over the year to July 2016, bringing total employment close to breaking through the 12 million barrier. That’s a good headline result, but with part time employment employment rather too dominant. Unemployment…

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