Are you aware of these 7 Major Flaws in the Global Financial System [Infographic]

Many of us taking our banking system for granted. But today’s infographic comes to us from investment app Abra, and it highlights the seven major flaws of the global financial system, ranging from the lack of basic access to financial services to growing inequality.  They argue that the global financial system has become increasingly centralised. In…

35 Years of the World’s Economy Evolving in a 20 Second Video

A lot has happened to the global economy over the last 35 years. The forces of economic liberalization, globalization, and the rise of the multinational corporation have all left their mark.  Many countries have benefited over this period, but some have suffered. Others have not really changed much in terms of their global economic position….

Weekly economic update: Online retailing is changing our lives, whether we use it or not

The mere possibility of online competition is restraining prices offline, writes… Richard Holden, UNSW Last week, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City held its much anticipated annual central banking conference in Jackson Hole. This year’s topic “Changing Market Structures and Implications for Monetary Policy” garnered even more attention than usual.  This was in no…

RiskWise Quarterly Risks & Opportunities Report: Economic Fundamentals

How’s our economy affecting our property markets? Economic fundamentals are a group of major measures that we measure in our Quarterly Riskwise Residential Risk and Opportunities Report and that are used to assess the overall growth of the economy and to provide state-by state analysis in order to assess the projected likelihood of sustainable capital growth….

Weekly economic update: Turkey shows the economic pain of global democratic backsliding

It is contagious populist ideology more than financial contagion that should scare us right now, writes… Richard Holden, UNSW As American baseball legend Yogi Berra once supposedly quipped, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” Three years ago the crisis was in Greece, now it’s Turkey. Another European summer and another European economic crisis.   It’s tempting…

Weekly economic update: The stellar US GDP figures aren’t here to stay

US quarterly GDP is at its highest point since 2014, but it’s unlikely to last for a number of reasons, writes… Richard Holden, UNSW The US economy grew at a startling 4.1% in the second quarter, the first time in four years it has hit the 4% mark. It was not surprising that President Donald…

Weekly economic update: The world economy can benefit from a vindicated Trump

Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke of plans to further open up the Chinese economy this week – and the world economy should hope US president Trump feels vindicated by this, writes… Richard Holden, UNSW This week: China’s growth continues to slow, US inflation remains stubbornly low, Australian interest rates may not prove as predictable as…

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