Monetarism - what is it and does it work?

Today I’d like to take an abridged look at perhaps the biggest economic debate of them all, the conflicting views of Keynesian economics versus those of monetarism. I’ve looked before at Keynes’ General Theory and his belief that left unaided economies which have sunk into recession may never escape, falling into a downward spiral of…

Why median price growth doesn't really mean regional makes good property investment  |  Pete Wargent

Some fascinating studies have been carried out into the human tendency towards confirmation bias. We tend to gather information selectively in order to support our preconceived notions and tend to frame our questions accordingly. I remember an interesting property report released a while ago by CoreLogic which stated that  “The majority of suburbs that have recorded…

Queensland's biggest economic challenge isn't debt – it's growth

By Fabrizio Carmignani, Griffith University Queensland has a new Labor minority government, led by Annastacia Palaszczuk, after the shock defeat of the Liberal National Party. Labor’s pre-election promises were “modest”, leaving many now wondering about the new government’s policy agenda. So in this series, experts examine some of the big challenges facing Australia’s third biggest…