Census: Household size

Two minute read As mentioned yesterday, over the coming week or two, we will try to demystify the 2016 Census results. This post, we look at household size. What’s going on is quite different to what we are often told. Many seem to be caught in the wrong mindset. Australia Type 2006 2016 % population…

Population growth shocker

Australia’s estimated resident population increased by +94,000 in the first quarter 2015 to be +316,000 higher than one year ago. This took the total resident population at March to an estimated 23,715,000, thereby implying in turn that the population of Australia today is now around 23,881,000. The estimated quarterly increase for March of +93,942 was of course considerably higher…

The Lucky Country - People, Places & Property Investment Profits

This may seem obvious, but I have to start with it… in order to create long-term wealth from property it will be important to own the type of property that will be in continuous strong demand from both owner occupiers and tenants in the future. That’s why recent population data from the Australian Bureau of…

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