The Importance of Due Diligence When Buying Commercial Property

Firstly, let`s define what Due Diligence really means. And then, you need to understand when you should actually consider an in-depth Due Diligence study.  You see, it’s not appropriate (nor often cost-effective) for you to undertake a Due Diligence study on every property. Generally, my advice to clients is that it’s not until you purchase…

Stepping up into Commercial property

How do you make the step from investing in residential property to investing in commercial property? Most people know at least a little bit about residential property. Whether we rent or own our home, we’re familiar with the dynamics of the market. Commercial property, on the other hand, is quite foreign to most people –…

The Bottom Line on Commercial Leases - Part 2

In this second instalment of this our two-part article I outline eight more reasons why leases are of the utmost importance in a commercial real estate transaction.     Read the first part by clicking here When you purchase a residential property you can undertake an exhaustive due diligence and investigation of the property and…

APRA shifts its focus [Video]

Transcript: It appears APRA is turning to the banks and warning them that they have fallen well short of expectations regarding portfolio controls for commercial property. APRA has said:  “Justifying lending decisions on the basis of ‘long-standing relationship’ or ‘good track record’ are insufficient, by themselves, to mitigate higher risk characteristics such as higher leverage…

Five facts on commercial property depreciation

What commercial property investors should consider  Commercial property owners are often unaware they are entitled to make a claim for property depreciation. Around 80 per cent of investors don’t take advantage of property depreciation and therefore miss out on thousands of dollars. For commercial property owners, claiming depreciation is paramount as these deductions could provide…

5 Common Myths About Commercial Property

Here are several common misconceptions I frequently hear, when people are looking to embark upon Commercial property investing. 1. Securing Commercial properties using the internet is easy There are some people starting out in who feel they don’t need any professional help with this. But finding a suitable property is only half the task. The…

Investment property – commercial or residential?

With many new investors entering the property market, competition for suitable residential investment properties has become fierce. As an alternative, some investors are starting to consider commercial property as a viable investment option. For most of us, a residential property investment is fairly straightforward and easy to understand, whereas commercial real estate is unfamiliar territory….

Is it time to consider investing in commercial properties?

With our residential property markets reaching a  more mature stage of the property cycle, some investors are wondering if it’s worthwhile considering commercial property. They see that these are the type of properties owned by people in the BRW Rich 200 list and the big institutions; and they hear of high rental yields, long term…

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