Understanding Returns on Commercial Investments

Recently I shared some thoughts with my Mentor group. And they related to the Total Returns investors tend to expect from commercial property. Here is a graph that appeared late last year in the Australian Financial Review. And it depicts the combination of Income Return and Capital Growth. You’ll also notice that I have added the reason for the big…

What drives wealth in commercial property?

What drives wealth in commercial property? Those who aren’t attune to commercial property may assume that wealth is created in the same method as residential property. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. When it comes to commercial and residential property, both asset classes share similar macro-economic drivers, including population, income and economic growth as well…

5 features to look for when investing in commercial property

If you’re seeking to purchase a commercial investment property, here are five features you need to consider to help attract your future tenant. When purchasing a commercial investment property there are a number of macro and micro economic factors you need to examine to ensure you acquire a high-quality asset. These include the area’s future…

Commercial Property Should Regain Some Normality

Several articles in the Financial Review have flagged a slowdown in Asian money flowing into the Australian property market. And that is principally as a result of China clamping down on capital movements out of the country. As an investor in commercial property, this is good news. You see, over the past couple of years,…

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