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What Does The Yuan Devaluation Mean For Property?

We know how dependent Australia’s economy, and in fact the world economy, is on the health of the Chinese economy. The Chinese Yuan devalued recently, uncoupling itself from the U.S. dollar . So what does this mean for global real estate markets? Richard Barkham, Ph.D., Global Chief Economist, CBRE recently answers this in a research note with the…

Impact of the Chinese Stock market Crash on Australian Property?

For residential property market participants, this is the question of the day. Will Chinese investors sell up Australian Real estate fast? Will they do nothing? Or will they buy more? Two very different precedents have been set. 1) The Sydney and Perth property booms of 1988 which occurred predominantly due to investors being scared off…

Explainer: what's the turmoil in the Chinese stock market all about?

The Chinese stock market meltdown is causing concern and could have repercussions for Australia’s economy and our property markets. The Shanghai stock exchange should be thought of more as a casino than as a proper stock market according to… Michele Geraci, University of Nottingham The Chinese stock markets have experienced significant turmoil in recent weeks,…