Ticking Time Bomb for Property Investors

Thousands of investors face financial ruin because they won’t be able to settle the “off the plan” apartments they signed up to buy. You see… industry insiders are worrying about a ticking time bomb, that the average property punter is not aware. As if those who recently bought off the plan apartments didn’t already have…

Buying Off The Plan - What Every Property Investor Needs to Know

Are you considering buying an off the plan investment property? Please think again and turn the other way! There are just too many risks involved in this sector of the market. However if you open any weekend newspaper you’ll still see a large number of proposed new apartment projects being marketed before building has even…

Why off-the-plan investments are not a bad financial risk

Off-the-plan apartments are shiny and new, well marketed and come equipped with all the bells and whistles that many of us would love to have in our own homes. As a result, they may seem like a good investment to add to your portfolio.  After all, there’s no need for repairs or renovating; warranties are…

Traps to avoid when buying off the plan

In a recent Real Estate Talk show, we get some advice on traps you should avoid if you choose to buy ‘off the plan’. According to Rachel Barnes, from Investor Friendly Agents, buyers are frequently drawn to buying off the plan by the promise of a great investment and some slick marketing. She advises buyer beware when purchasing these properties. HERE’S…

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