APRA may deploy its 'special powers'

‘Special powers’ APRA to the rescue It was announced in the 2017 Budget speech that the regulator APRA will explicitly be allowed to differentiate loan controls by location.  This is another move signalling that politicians and regulators don’t trust banks to lend responsibly, while simultaneously inferring that they know better than the market what ‘should’…

Leave budget forecasting to Treasury: Economists

Polled economists say another independent body wouldn’t necessarily do a better job of economic forecasting for the budget than Treasury, writes… Saul Eslake, University of Tasmania A majority of economists in this month’s ESA Monash poll said the economic forecasts used in the federal budget should still be prepared by Treasury, despite difficulty in recent…

Commonwealth budget : What to expect

The Federal Budget comes out next week. What will it mean for you? I’m surprised that this year there has not been as much talk about changing negative gearing all the taxes imposed on property investor The 9 May Commonwealth Budget is being cast as one that will boost infrastructure spending, while also addressing ‘fairness’,…

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