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By Brett Warren

See How Your Take Home Pay Compares to Workers Around the World

We all seem to complain about paying tax.

Have you ever wondered how your own situation, your take home pay after tax,  compares  to workers in other parts of the world?

Well you're about to find out... 48175800_l

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) tracks both the average wage earnings and taxation figures for each of its 35-member countries.

Gross earnings refer to the amount of money you get paid before anything gets taken out, like taxes, health insurance and retirement contributions.

The remainder is referred to as net earnings. used these numbers to create a pie chart.

The overall size of each slice refers to the level of gross earnings, and the green portion represents net income after taxes.

Money Take Home After Taxes


Top 10 Countries with the Highest Net Wages

1. Switzerland: $58,864 after paying 16.9% in taxes  

2. Luxembourg: $46,593 after paying 29.1% in taxes

3. Iceland: $45,390 after paying 28.7% in taxes

4. Korea: $44,892 after paying 14.5% in taxes

5. Netherlands: $43,835 after paying 30.4% in taxes

6. Australia: $41,655 after paying 24.4% in taxes

7. United Kingdom: $41,608 after paying 23.4% in taxes

8. Japan: $41,139 after paying 22.3% in taxes

9. Norway: $40,834 after paying 27.6% in taxes

10. United States: $39,211 after paying 26% in taxes

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