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[Podcast] Your Mess Has a Message, With Dr. Arun Dhir

[Podcast] Your Mess Has a Message, With Dr. Arun Dhir
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Are you experiencing some challenges in your life at the moment?

Who isn’t?Your Mess Has A Message

It may be with your finances, your property investment, your business, your relationships, or your health.

Well, my guest today, Dr. Arun Dhār, wants you to know that Your Mess has a Message.

Now you probably subscribe to this podcast to learn about property, finance, success or wealth, but true wealth is more than how many properties you have or how much money you have in the bank.

While we won’t talking about specifically about real estate today, even though my guest is a very successful property investor, we will talk about ways of making you wealthier in all areas of your life.

What’s the Message in Your Mess?

Regardless of who we are or where we live, we’re likely to experience significant adverse events during our lifetime.

I know I've had my share of adverse events, some out of my control and others self-inflicted so I think it's important to realize how these have the potential to totally change the trajectory of your life.

So, I was fascinated to read recently read a book called Your Mess has a Message by Dr. Arun Dhir.

Dr. Dhir is a Melbourne-based gastrointestinal and bariatric surgeon, and while he has a busy medical practice and is a captain in the army reserves, he also happens to be a client of Metropole and a very successful property investor.

In today’s show, we don't talk about property; instead, we talk about how to find meaning and fulfilment in the chaos and confusion of life.

Now that’s going to make you wealthier, isn’t it?

Highlights from my chat with Dr. Arun Dhir:

  • How Arun got interested in Eastern Medicine
    • Arun has seen a lot of lifestyle diseases
    • He wants to help people get clarity
    • He feels a lot of clarity comes from within – from the gut
  • What made you write a book about the challenges life throws at us
    • A combination of personal chaos and the removal of privileges due to COVID
  • Why Arun’s book is different from other self-help books
    • People are seeking authentic answers.
    • The book is coming from a perspective of a medical practitioner who’s bringing readers the science of health and well-being
  • The main message of the book
    • If you don’t have respect for yourself or what you do, or if you’re carrying negative emotions, it will set the seeds of disease
  • Arun’s advice for people whose money is in a mess
    • Be careful about who you listen to
      • The person you listen to should have what you want
      • They need to be authentic Entrepreneur Offering Mentoring Advice
      • They need to be able to communicate effectively
    • 7 wealth questions
      • Why do you need the money?
      • Have you defined what is your need income?
      • What service will you deliver to earn wealth?
      • Have you got a hunger to learn about wealth?
      • How do you plan to set yourself up?
      • How do you feed your mindset with discipline?
      • How can you course correct?
    • Arun’s suggestions for people whose minds are in a mess?
      • Fear and anxiety are factors in COVID deaths
      • Causes inflammation in your system
    • Arun’s current project Insurance Money
    • What Arun is doing in the army

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Some of our favourite quotes from the show:

“Real wealth isn’t how many properties you own or how much money you have in the bank. It’s what you’re left with when they take all that away.” – Michael Yardney

“It’s important who you listen to because there’s a lot of theorists out there, and it’s very nice they’ve got the best of intentions, they’ve got opinions, but that doesn’t mean you should listen to their advice.” - Michael Yardney

“We’re all looking at the world through tinted glasses, and we don’t even realize we’re wearing them.” - Michael Yardney


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