[Podcast] Unravelling Domain’s Latest Housing Reports: Insights from Dr. Nicola Powell

[Podcast] Unravelling Domain’s Latest Housing Reports: Insights from Dr. Nicola Powell

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Australia's housing market continues to defy expectations.

Do you remember when commentators tried to scare us about mortgage stress, a fixed mortgage rate cliff, and even a recession? My Podcast #509 Latest Housing Reports Dr Nicola Powell

Yet despite the challenges thrown at them, property values in our combined capitals have kept rising, even if they’ve slowed down over the last few months.

This resilience has sparked a shift towards a landlord's market with Australians moving house less often.

Today’s episode features Dr Nicola Powell, Domain's Chief of Research in Economics, and our conversation will help prospective homebuyers, seasoned investors, and other curious listeners understand some interesting trends.

Some Highlights From Our Conversation:

  • The surprising resilience of the Australian housing market despite predictions of a crash.
    • The key drivers behind this resilience such as:
      • Lack of listings
      • Rising pricesPrices Rising
      • The deferred fixed-rate cliff
    • Shift towards a landlord's market with Australians moving house less often.
      • People may have delayed selling their homes due to last year's decrease in prices
        • Even prior to those price drops, however, the trend of staying in a property for a more extended period of time was on the rise.
        • Tenure in a property can be driven higher or lower by property cycles because homeowners will delay or speed up selling decisions based on whether they think they can earn more or less with time.
      • Property resales profitability across various Australian markets and their correlation with the length of tenure.
      • The distinction in profitability between houses and apartments.
      • The implications of the current rental crisis on the housing market.
      • Challenges faced by the rental market
        • Rising debt costs
        • Legislative changes Rental Market
        • Population growth
      • Potential remedies to those challenges include:
        • Big corporations providing accommodation
        • Bills to Rent
        • Social housing initiatives
      • The role of the government in stimulating the construction and supply of more housing.
        • The influence of levies and taxes on investment choices.

As we navigate the ongoing changes in the housing and rental market, the insights from Dr. Nicola Powell are a treasure trove of information.

Despite the challenges, the resilience of the market offers potential opportunities for investors and homeowners.

It underscores the need for comprehensive strategies and innovative solutions to address the complex issues facing the rental market.

Links and Resources:

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Dr Nicola Powell, Domain’s Chief of Research and Economics

Domain’s Rental report

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Some of our favorite quotes from the show:

“I guess there's a lesson behind that, you've got to be very careful in selection of locations. You can't talk about the Sydney property market or the Canberra property market, can you?” – Michael Yardney

“I'm not really thrilled that the government's giving them(BTR developers) financial support to do that, because somebody's got to be paying for that and it's people like you and me who are property investors but they're not giving us the same financial support.” – Michael Yardney

“Double-digit growth at the beginning of a property cycle is unsustainable and it would create a much shorter cycle. So I'm much happier that price growth is moderating.” – Michael Yardney


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