[Podcast] Everyone wants to be on top of the mountain but few are willing to make the climb | RICH HABITS, POOR HABITS

[Podcast] Everyone wants to be on top of the mountain but few are willing to make the climb | RICH HABITS, POOR HABITS

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Some goals are very hard to reach. Some are not so hard. 

That’s why climbing is often used as an inspirational metaphor for reaching new goals. Everyone Wants To Be On Top Of The Mountain But Few Are Willing To Make The Climb

It’s well into a new year, you’ve probably set some goals for the year or even for the new decade. 

Today we’re going to talk about climbing to the top of the mountain wanting to reach the top of the mountain, even though it’s going to be hard, even though you know the trip will be long. 

I’m having a chat with Tom Corley.

We’ll show you how you can prepare yourself for the path you need to take to reach the top of the mountain. 

Everyone wants to be on top of the mountain but few are willing to make the climb

When things don’t go as planned, most people quit the struggle and move on to greener (meaning – easier) pastures.

And the world is filled with quitters.Rich And Successful

Even for the vast majority who are content with just coasting along, life is still filled with problems.

Most people want to minimise their problems.

They don’t want to add more problems to their lives.

That’s why self-made millionaires are so rare

According to my Rich Habits research, only 3% who pursue a dream, stick with it until they succeed. 

At some point, 97% quit.

Here’s why.

The pursuit of a dream, big goal or major initiative means – more problems.

More obstacles to overcome.

More stress.

More emotional heartache, especially when things don’t go as planned.

And when you’re pursuing a dream, big goal or major initiative, nothing ever goes as planned.

The pursuit of success is all about facing problems.

And realising success is all about solving those problems you face along the journey.

Not surprisingly, most avoid pursuing their dreams

They look at the mountain they must climb and say to themselves – “too many problems”.Road To Success

For the courageous few who throw caution to the wind and take action on their dreams, their life becomes a seemingly never-ending battle to overcome problems.

There’s just no sugar coating it – the pursuit of success is an uphill climb that requires many years of problem-solving.

But, for the 3% who refuse to quit on their dreams, success is inevitable.

Those 3% learn an enormous amount during their journey as a result of solving problems.

Plus, when you persist, eventually you get lucky. 

Luck favours the persistent.

That unexpected luck, like a ski-lift, carries you effortlessly up the rest of the mountain.

The key, therefore, is to persist until luck finds you.

When you get to the top of your mountain, the first thing you will notice is that there are not that many people.

That’s because all of the people are at the bottom of the mountain looking up at you.

Everyone wants to be on top of the mountain. It’s just that not that many people are willing to climb it.

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Some of our favourite quotes from the show: 

“Most people aren’t going to keep their New Year’s resolutions.” – Michael Yardney

“Those who get to the top of the tree recognise that the reward at the end is worth it. If it was easy, there wouldn’t be a big reward.” –Michael Yardney

“I think the other thing that they need to get to the top of the mountain is to have a Sherpa, have a trainer, have a coach, have a guide to get them there. Somebody who’s already done it a couple of times.” –Michael Yardney


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''We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard: - JFK ;

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