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Finding an Apartment in Canberra – Six Things You Need to Look for

Canberra is the capital of Australia and has important government buildings, a national museum, and other important buildings. The capital has a population of 472,000 (about half the population of Montana), and it is among the most populated cities in the country.

Therefore, if you are looking for an apartment in Canberra, you must check for amenities and facilities on the property. Furthermore, it will prove that you have bought the right value for your money.

Consequently, you can follow up in the next part, where you can find relevant tips to find the best apartment for yourself. That way, you can live happily and won’t have to face any issues while living in the capital.

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Looking for an apartment in the heart of Australia is simple if you follow the simple steps. This will ensure that you get value for your money and ensure that you get to live comfortably in the city. Furthermore, you need to look at facilities and commute to travel to school or work easily.

Here are a few things you should look for in the apartment:

1. Check The Affordability

Affordability is a big thing when choosing an apartment. This is because you need to see how much you need to pay monthly. You shouldn’t overpay for your apartment. Otherwise, it will have an effect on your credit line and also your bank balance.

That’s why, before choosing an apartment, you should always set the right objectives. This will put a good word in your mind when you are house hunting in the capital. Moreover, there are other things like broker fees and security deposits besides the monthly rent that you should take into consideration. Also, gas, electricity, water, and garbage collection can profoundly affect your budget.

2. Type Of Property

We all envision a type of property we want to live in. It can be a luxurious apartment or a penthouse. However, reality is always different from thoughts. Therefore, you should look for the best within your budget. That way, you can live happily in the capital and enjoy the city's facilities.

You should also select what kind of apartment you want. It can be:

  • Road facing with a balcony
  • Road facing without balcony
  • How many toilets do you want?
  • How many rooms do you want?

Apart from these, you should also check if you want to live in an independent house or a housing society with other neighbours. When you become certain of the type of apartment you want, you can rightfully take it on lease, rent, or buy it.

3. Check For Pet Restrictions

Pets are near and dear to us. Just like us, they also deserve a comfortable and safe life. Therefore, when you go house hunting, you should check if there are any pet restrictions. Otherwise, once you move in, it creates a ruckus between you and the owners. Also, many housing societies have strict mandates against pets.

Hence, it is best to check up with the owners and housing society stakeholders regarding pets. That way, you and your cat or dogs can live happily and easily roam around the area. Recently, people have had to pay an extra security deposit to owners as they have a pet with them. Almost 37% of the people had to pay such a fee. So, check with the owners before you select a house.

4. Amenities And Facilities

Another thing central to choosing an apartment is checking the house's amenities and facilities. This is because they are non-negotiable for tenants. Furthermore, you have to see whether the place has an AC in the bedroom, geysers, fridge, and furniture. These are the few things that set the bar for room rents.

Moreover, you should check for the garage and ensure that you check the vehicle-keeping facility. So, if you have a car or bike, then you require a proper place to keep. In addition, you should see where you check how the underground base works to maintain and store your car and bikes properly. Therefore, you should check the amenities and facilities before choosing an apartment.

5. Public Transport

Public transport is key when you choose an apartment. This is because you want to commute to work and school easily. If you don’t have cars or bikes, then you go for public transport like buses or taxis. Therefore, you should choose a place where you can commute easily. It will help you easily reach your work and return to your house.

Hence, you should always choose where to reach the main place within the space within 10 to 15 minutes. This will help you achieve your places properly and get the best value for your money. So, if you are running late, you can easily catch your buses and trains or use Act Cabs, which has cars running around the city. Here is the Canberra taxis number you can check for.

6. Safety And Security

Lastly, you should check the safety and security when you are choosing the best apartment to live in. Therefore, you should check if there are any CCTV cameras around the area. Furthermore, you should check the distance of the police station from your house. That way, you can tell the police about your issues if you face any problems.

Hence, you should check for the crime rates in the area. That way, you should look for any heinous crime in the region, which will help you to live safely. Moreover, you should look for the safety and security of your family and children. So, check the security issues and then make decisions on buying apartments.

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Note: In the end, you should look for the tips mentioned in the above discussion, which will help you to choose the best apartment in Canberra. Henceforth, you can buy the best apartment in the heart of Australia and enjoy living in the capital.

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