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5 Best Real Estate Photo Editing Services of 2024 - featured image

5 Best Real Estate Photo Editing Services of 2024

Professionally enhanced images can do wonders for increasing the engagement of real estate listings, bringing in more clicks on Zillow, and boosting the possibility of a profitable sale.

The best real estate photo editing services can, for instance, assist you with color and exposure correction, perspective and vertical line alignment, sky swapping, defects and imperfection removal, item removal, room decluttering, noise reduction, flash shadow deletion, HDR blending, and numerous other tasks.

Most real estate photo editing companies price their services in the $1 to $5 range per image.

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Such a service can include cropping, exposure adjustments, and color correction.

More complex edits like item deletion, HDR blending, or background swapping can send you back $10 per photo or more.

The overview below features a detailed breakdown of all the leading services on the market to help you pick the ultimate real estate photo editing company for your needs.

When choosing between the different options, pay attention to such factors as delivery time, result quality, and pricing.

Additional aspects that can sway your decision include customer support quality and site convenience.

1. FixThePhoto


FixThePhoto real estate photo editing services are comprised of window replacements, vertical alignment, tiny object deletion, stain removal, color enhancements, shadow adjustments, virtual staging, video tours, and much more.

This agency provides support via live chat, email, and phone calls.

Unlike its competitors, FixThePhoto offers a free trial in the shape of a $12 credit for your first order.

Their mobile app deserves a lot of praise as well.

You merely have to upload your images, provide requirements, and wait for a couple of hours to get a professionally retouched result.

The agency offers a turnaround of 1 business day.

The official website provides detailed descriptions of each service provided by the company.

The order placement process is also pleasantly intuitive, as FixThePhoto employees easily grasp the presented requirements and excel at fulfilling them to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

FixThePhoto also provides real estate photography packages for realtors and brokers, with their prices starting at $39 per property.

Such a package contains 1 main listing image, 15 Standard Level images, a floor plan, and a turnaround of one business day.


In terms of pricing, you can expect to pay an average of $5 per photo for editing.

If you place a bulk order, you’ll receive a discount.

If your order contains between 50-250 photos, you’ll receive 15% off the total amount.

If you request editing for 250-1000 images in a single order, you’ll be presented with 30% off for a month.

Lastly, if your order includes more than 1000 photos, the discount percentage will be bumped up to 50%.

2. WeEdit.Photos


WeEdit.Photos offers such real estate photography editing services as exposure and lighting adjustments, line straightening, object removal, color correction, HDR blending, and numerous others.

You can send your images to them via Dropbox, email, or any other convenient method.

In terms of delivery times, you will receive the enhanced images within 1-2 work days.

On average, you can expect to pay about $5 per photo.

Should you have any problems or questions, you can reach out to the agency’s support team via email, Facebook page, or Live chat.

WeEdit.Photos also provide discounts.

For instance, all orders over $300 receive 15% off.

Meanwhile, any order that ends up costing more than $1500, receives an enticing discount of 30%.

3. BeatColor


Established in 2016, this agency is known for its broad range of real estate image editing services.

Initially comprised of just 4 employees, this agency now boasts a team of over 100 experienced retouchers.

BeatColor’s services encompass resolution adjustments, color correction, lighting and exposure tweaking, item deletion, line and perspective alignment, day-to-dusk transformation, and virtual staging performed with the help of premium-grade virtual staging software.

As for prices, the majority of offered services will send you back about $7 per image with а turnaround of 48-72 hours, which is noticeably longer compared to their main competition.

You can receive support from this agency via phone, email, or Skype.

4. SmartPHOTOeditors


Being on the market since 2004, this agency mostly focuses on providing basic real estate photo enhancement services instead of offering more complex techniques or virtual staging.

The list of provided services includes exposure and lighting enhancement, perspective and geometry straightening, contrast, and saturation adjustments, HDR blending, and sky swapping.

In terms of prices, on average you can expect to pay $8 per edited photo, which is significantly higher compared to alternative services.

The delivery time is the industry-standard 2 work days.

Client support is mostly provided via email.

SmartPHOTOeditors also has a chatbot and a contact form, but you can't call them over the phone.



EPE-REAL is one of the best real estate photo editing services on the market that was created back in 2016 and currently has a team of more than 50 professional retouchers.

It provides a full range of services for both real estate photographers and agents.

Probably the biggest drawback of this company is that it has less experience than most of its competitors.

The list of offered services includes image editing, virtual staging, floor plan design, day-to-dusk transformation, and other essential techniques.

The agency’s employees conduct a two-stage Q&A session at the start of each collaboration to ensure they understand all of your requirements and will deliver the exact result you expect.

As for prices, be prepared to pay about $8 per image on average while waiting between 3 to 4 work days for the result.

EPE-REAL provides support via phone, email, and Skype.

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