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By Leanne Jopson

Do you know what a property manager really does?

Too many landlords think that property management is easy when it isn't.

And too many landlords never receive anything more than a "one-size-fits-all" property management service.

But there is a better way to manage and grow your portfolio – and all you need to do is read on.

Property Manager

A common problem

One of the most common mistakes that investors make is they use whichever agency sold them the property to manage it, without any understanding of whether they're any good at it or even the services that they provide.

Instead of considering who might be the best choice, and who can help them improve the value and rent of their property, they benignly accept the cookie-cutter approach instead.

But at Metropole we like to do things differently...

Our goal is not to simply provide best practice property management services but to assist smart investors to leverage their cash flow, maximise their asset,s and help them achieve their wealth goals.

A smarter way

You see, as well as property management, at Metropole, we help our clients buy, rent, renovate or redevelop their property portfolios.

Part of our service is an annual review of our client's portfolios, which does include a market rent review, but the main point of difference is we also consider how you can optimise your rent.

Our service incorporates understanding our clients' motivations and financial goals to ensure we can help them to achieve them, including tying those dreams into our property management service.

For example, if a client has bought a site that they want to develop in a few years, then we won't recommend renovations or refurbishments but we can ensure the property is maintained well in the interim.

We aim to provide personalised property management for all our clients, whether they are first-time investors or sophisticated investors with a growing portfolio.

This can include recommendations on how they can best leverage their cash flow to protect their assets over the long term.

We take into consideration the vacancy rates, the best time of year for your property type to attract the demographic you want, lease structuring (particularly important for owners with multiple properties – you do not want multiple vacancies at the one time, impacting cash flow).

Portfolio protection

We also provide regular advice to our clients on repairs or maintenance, such as new carpet, to help them progress towards their overall property accumulation and wealth goals.

The main point is that we take a holistic approach to our property management clients.

And, because we have management of someone's largest asset, we believe that our team must be appropriately qualified and skilled to take on that responsibility – which unfortunately is not always the case in other agencies.

One of the keys to creating wealth through property is holding for the long-term, but that is not always easy if your portfolio is not managed professionally or you don't have access to expert advice along the way – which, of course, is where we can help.

Property Manager

What Metropole property management entails for investors:

  • Securing quality tenants
  • On boarding of new tenants; lease & bond documentation
  • Lease renewals & negotiations
  • Current market updates
  • Regular disbursements to owners
  • Detailed statements outlining all in & outgoings
  • Routine inspections; ensuring the property is being cared for
  • Rent management and arrears control
  • Proactive advertising to ensure we are minimising your vacancy
  • Maintenance advice and guidance
  • Bill and invoice management
  • Assistance with property investment strategy and advice via our Metropole property strategists

So as you can see, professional property management is much more than just collecting rents.

But to be honest, anyone can do that.

And that's why many property investors check out the local property manager or try to find somebody who charges the cheapest fees.

But as I see it, that's a fairly shallow view of things

And the truth is, in terms of looking after your property investment in the long term, property management advice or fees is only 10 percent of what is really going.

At Metropole Property Management we believe you need to get:

  1. Consistent Cash flow and full market rental for your property
  2. The Security of a quality medium to long term tenant
  3. A long-term stable Relationship with your expert property manager who will have your best interests at heart.

But the thing is, as important as Cash Flow, Security and a great relationship with your Property Management team is, at Metropole, we've come to recognise that it's not just about those three things.

We believe intelligent investors - people who understand the importance of unpacking and understanding something at a deeper level, deserve clear direction, wealth-producing Results and certainty from their asset Management Team.

So at Metropole Property Management, we've designed systems using the latest technology.

We have an experienced team of Property Managers plus the depth of industry knowledge and the backing of an award-winning company to ensure you receive the cash flow, security, and the relationship that you want - plus a framework that provides that Direction, Results, and Certainly.

Why not get in contact with the experienced team at Metropole Property Management & we’d love to explain more about how we can help you maximise returns, minimise risk & make it all easier.

Just click here and we’ll be in contact.

About Leanne Jopson Leanne is National Director of Property Management at Metropole and a Property Professional in every sense of the word. With 20 years' experience in real estate, Leanne brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to maximise returns and minimise stress for their clients.
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