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Rental hikes cause rental stress and panic

The recent Finder research shows almost half (45%) of Australian renters struggled to pay their rent in April – that’s up from 28% 12 months prior. CoreLogic data revealed the median asking rent for houses increased in all capital cities. The biggest increase has been felt in Darwin – where the median asking rent for…

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a House in Australia?

When it comes to renovating, the majority of home renovation projects are an investment that can add both values and appeal to your property. But there can be a big difference between renovating your own home for aesthetic appeal and to suit your own personal taste, versus renovating an investment property with a goal of…

5 signs you should fire your property manager

For any landlord with an investment property, your property manager should be your greatest asset. While it’s always possible to manage your own property, it can be so much smoother to have a professional do it for you.  They can help you find the best tenants, manage (and chase) rent collection, keep up-to-date on maintenance…

East coast floods and the housing market

Property market performance across Australia’s east coast, particularly South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales over the past year, could be summarised as having leading price growth, increased auction activity, and favourable internal migration trends. However, the end of February was a sobering reminder of the impact of extreme weather events and climate change….

The top reasons you need landlord insurance

These days there is insurance for everything — houses, cars, pets, medical, travel… Merv Hughes even insured his mustache for roughly $370,000 during his cricketing days. Despite it being so widely available, insurance is still one of those things that some people mistakenly think isn’t worth it. If you are one of those people, we…

A Complete Guide to Body Corporate Fees in Australia

The chances are that if you’ve just bought (or are planning to buy) an investment property in a multi-unit development such as a unit, townhouse, or apartment, you’ll have heard about an owner’s corporation or a Body Corporate. These are essential to the smooth functioning of any building or housing lot in which owners have…

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