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Drug labs in rental properties

Do you know the tell-tale signs that your rental might be being used as a drug lab? Toxic chemical residue, fire damage, unpaid utility bills, damaged ceilings, modified plumbing, fortifications, and the aftermath of explosions – these are all potential issues for landlords who discover their rental has been used as some kind of drug…

The dos and don’ts of lease renewal for residential tenancies

When it comes to residential property management, there are several rules and laws that must be followed in order to ensure landlords don’t end up facing a cantankerous residential tenancy tribunal judge. One of the areas that can create confusion is lease renewal and the termination of tenancies. This is why it’s so important to…

How your tenants will dictate your retirement

Are you considering investing in property to fund your retirement? There are many factors to be considered here, but perhaps one of the most crucial, may not be on your radar. In the short term, it may be your salary, your ability to borrow money, and growth that will play a role. But as you…

4 common mistakes when selecting a property manager

Ask any long-term landlord and they will probably say they have experienced the highs and lows of property management. In fact, many investors have learned the hard way about property managers who don’t do much more than collect the rent – and sometimes that doesn’t happen either! Now, every industry has its bad apples, but…

Home and contents vs landlord insurance

Some landlords mistakenly think that standard home and contents insurance is the right choice for their investment property. That could prove costly if they need to make a claim. Tenants Rentals have tenants. And that’s the fundamental difference between an investment property and a private residential property. Sounds basic, but it’s an important difference when…

What to ask real estate agent when selling

Deciding to sell a property, whether it’s an investment or your own home, is a big step. You might be planning to upsize, downsize, relocate, or let go of an investment; regardless of your motivations, selling your property comes with a lot of considerations. Choosing the right real estate agent is key in helping you…

The mould management minefield

Winter is upon us and like most Australians at this time of the year, rugging up has become part and parcel of everyday life. When it comes to our homes though, rugging them up too much can invite an unwanted visitor – mould! When determining who is responsible for fixing or paying to fix a…

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