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The 12 most common tenant complaints

Many investors think that the hardest part of becoming an investor is searching for and finding the right investment property. In reality, that’s only the beginning. Once you own an investment property and become a landlord, you have to learn how to effectively manage it – and a huge part of this is ensuring that…

Landmark judgment a huge win for apartment owners with pets

Around 5.7 million of Australia’s 9.2 million households have a pet. And recently the highest court in New South Wales has delivered a landmark decision that has struck down an attempt from one of Sydney’s most famous apartment buildings to ban animals. A blanket ban on pets in a lavish inner-Sydney apartment block has been overturned…

2 essential qualities in every property manager

As a property investor, one of the toughest decisions you’ll face is choosing the right professionals to manage your property.  Their role is an important one.  They’ll be in charge of advertising, conducting inspections, vetting potential tenants and organising maintenance – not to mention ensuring rent is paid in full and on time – so…

The 10 most common tenant complaints

Today we look at the most common tenant complaints and how to overcome them. It’s no secret..apartment living can sometimes be an exercise in diplomacy.   Keeping everyone happy in a multi-unit dwelling is no easy task. However, when problems arise and relationships sour all hope is not lost. You wouldn’t think having a vegetarian…

4 property management mistakes to avoid

Property management can have its ups and downs because fundamentally it’s about managing humans, who we all know can be unpredictable! Professional property managers, though, have best practice policies and procedures to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.  Private landlords, and bad property managers, on the other hand often make mistakes that can…

It's time to put a stop to rorting the rent relief measures

While the vast majority of tenants do the right thing the Real Estate Institute of Victoria is seeing increasing evidence that some tenants are rorting the system put in place to protect them. The first six months of the moratorium against evictions and rent increases has seen the vast majority of reduced rent agreements reached…

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