How to get started in property investment

Sometimes the hardest part of becoming a successful property investor is getting started. Everyone makes mistakes along the way, particularly when it comes to your first investment property. That’s why it was so important for us to develop these articles to help guide you through the process and avoid the typical mistakes made by the beginners.

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4 Traits of a Smart Property Investor

You’ve heard me say it before… not all properties make good investments, and not all investors will profit from their real estate pursuits. So what’s the difference between those who succeed at property investing and those who struggle to get ahead and fail to make any serious progress towards their wealth goals? More often than…

8 mistakes property investors must avoid

Property investing may be simple, but it’s not easy – And that’s not a play on words.  When you look at the statistics and see that most investors never get past their second property, you realise that most who get into real estate won’t achieve the financial freedom they were looking for. While it’s possible to…