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Can I get a home or investment loan?

It’s one of the first things we always get asked, “Can I get a loan?” or “I’ve heard it’s impossible to get money from the banks” etc. etc. Well, thanks to our media outlets that falsely report and misrepresent the market in order to show their extremist or alarmist views in order to sell their…

5 questions to consider before buying a home

There are many good reasons to own the roof over your head, but there are some tradeoffs as well.  With the added control comes a laundry list of responsibilities. The stability of staying put often means a loss of flexibility and with the opportunity to build equity comes some financial responsibilities. So let’s look at…

How to avoid being stuck at Property #1

Many first-time investors stay just that way — one-time-only buyers, who never progress beyond having that one solo property in their portfolio. This happens for several reasons. An underperforming property, lack of funds to purchase again, and — worst of all — apathy or losing sight of your ‘big picture’ goals are some of the most common ones…

6 common mistakes to avoid when selling your property

As I’m sure you’re aware, successful property investment involves holding your properties for as long as possible. But sometimes you will have to sell. Maybe it’s because you’re outgrown your current home – or the opposite when all the kids have left home. Or perhaps, an investment property is under-performing, so you’ve made the wise…