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Property Investment: A risky business or safe as houses?

We’ve all heard the phrase “safe as houses”, and indeed, investing in real estate has long been considered a safe and secure long-term investment strategy, particularly for those who do their due diligence and locate good-quality properties in areas that are likely to grow in appeal and value. That said, as with almost all areas…

4 key reasons why the property pessimists are changing their minds

Why were all those property pessimists wrong? In fact, why are they becoming more positive about property? Of course it wasn’t just the usual band of Negative Nellies making dire predictions of significant property price falls earlier this year, it was also some credible economists suggesting property values could fall by up to 20%. Yet…

Here's where it is cheaper to buy than rent

Ultra-low interest rates have created a unique environment where buying a house in many areas is cheaper than paying rent on one In many areas, rent money is dead money, and renters with secure jobs are better off buying a house than continue paying someone else’s mortgage. When it comes to houses, that is a…

Total Property Listings Decreased in August

National residential property listings decreased in September by 6.3% from 312,680 listings in July 2020 to 293,053. Compared to 12 months ago listings were also down by 10.0%. All capital cities recorded decreases in property listings over the month with Melbourne recording the highest decrease at 13.2%. Hobart recorded the second largest decrease at 9.4%…

6 real reasons you can’t save for a home deposit

I hear it time and time again. A generation locked out of the housing market, a property bubble so inflated it is about to burst. Cue the doomsday music and fretting over escalating home values.   Don’t get me wrong, saving for a deposit is a difficult exercise, and it is true that Australian property…

3 ways to pay off your home loan sooner

At some stage in our lives most of us will experience the various highs and lows that go hand in hand with homeownership. Undeniably today the biggest pressure associated with realising the dream of having a place to call our own, is keeping up with the mortgage repayments.  For those who buy their home with…

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