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By Mark Creedon

4 ways to embrace change (and let go of your fear)

I’ve been reading a lot lately about what this year will hold for finance and property, how the markets are shaping up, and where the big trends are.

Everyone seems to have a slightly different take on how things will pan out.

How high will interest rates go?


What's going to happen to inflation?

Is the war between Russia and Ukraine going to end any time soon?

Will Donald Trump attempt to be re-elected as president?

How will Bitcoin perform?

What will become of North Korea?

Some of the commentator's predictions will come true, others won’t, but they’re all right about one thing: nothing will stay the same.

We can prepare as much as possible for a range of outcomes, but there’s no way to predict the future.

Change, as they say, is the one constant, and this is as true in business as it is in our personal lives.

It doesn’t matter how much money an investor earns, the best in the business know they can never rest on past achievements.

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Note: These days change is happening quickly.

Change can be both exciting and scary, and it's a constant force in our lives.

New social media platforms, markets and technology mean that change is always occurring, and in order to stay successful you need to adapt right alongside it.

And look how Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives

Now the problem is, as human beings we tend to shy away from change.

We like things to be familiar, safe, and predictable, but that will only lead to short-term success — at best.

So, how can you become better at embracing change and ensure your success is for the long term?


1. Change your thinking

When things go wrong, or disruption occurs, some people automatically hit panic mode.

Their heartbeat races and they start to fret and become anxious.

Does this sound familiar?

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Tips: If so, next time things go wrong — and they’re bound to from time to time — instead of thinking the worst say to yourself, "I’ve got this" or even "I can handle this".

Seriously, it works.

It may sound a little cheesy at first, but mentally telling yourself that you can handle a problem sets up a positive thought process that helps you better deal with the situation.

There are few genuine day-to-day tragedies in our lives, and yet some people have a real knack for turning molehills into mountains.

A bit of positive thinking can make a real difference.

2. Stay curious

At some point, you will reach a stage in your career when things are going smoothly.

You have a good handle on what it is you do and your efforts are starting to get some real results.

This is a very satisfying time and there can be a tendency at this point to take it a bit easier.

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Note: There is nothing wrong with a hard-earned break, of course, but be careful not to check out altogether.

Make sure you stay as engaged in your field as ever.

Read about the developments in your line of work, attend conferences and industry events, and keep networking.

Keep your eyes peeled for new technologies or developments outside of your line of work, too, that could enhance your business.


3. Read widely

When you’re in the thick of things it’s easy to feel like you’re the only person who has ever been stressed.

But, as I’ve written before, successful people are all hard workers.

They’ve all faced adversity and soldiered on in the face of setbacks and change.

The likes of Richard Branson and Warren Buffett know what it’s like to feel like giving up, but they don’t.

I suggest grabbing their books or reading online interviews with them, for inspiration.

This is particularly handy when the chips are down and it can really help you stay on track.

Knowing that someone you admire has faced the same hurdles, and has had to adapt in the same way as you do, will make this life changes much easier.

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4. Surround yourself with positive people

Some people are better at embracing change than others, and it’s best to surround yourself with those who are used to rolling with the punches.

Those glass-half-full types tend to be more positive people anyway and are the kind of friends you want in your life through all the ups and downs.

By watching how others embrace change, we are better able to adapt to it in our own lives.

Because change is not going anywhere.

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Note: It will come for you whether you like it or not, some of it will be positive, and some of it will be negative.

But here is the thing: most "negative" change — with the exception of tragedies — isn’t really negative in the long run.

Think back to changes in your own life that you regarded as a disaster at the time.

Do they feel like a blessing in disguise now?

Were you able to learn from those changes? I bet you were.

You see, how successful you are is directly related to how comfortable you are with disruption and change.

So, it’s time to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

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