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Weekly economic update: What will end up in Scott Morrison’s ‘good’ books?

In the lead-up to the federal budget, the government has made a number of significant and sometimes surprising policy announcements, writes… Richard Holden, UNSW This week: inflation officially gets back into the RBA’s target range, markets react positively to the French election, and Australia’s treasurer wants the budget to distinguish between “good debt” and “bad…

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Capital city hot spots of the past 5 syear

In his column for Switzer, John McGrath discusses Australia’s capital city hot spots.  The past five years have been an amazing time in Australian residential property, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne. We’ve seen a number of important trends emerge and/or get stronger, including rising demand from foreign buyers, increased apartment living, ‘rentvesting’ and the bank of mum…


When is a repair an improvement?

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has issued a number of warnings recently indicating that rental property owners should be careful when claiming deductions. Common errors made by rental property owners highlighted by the ATO include claiming rental deductions for properties not genuinely available for rent, incorrectly claiming deductions for properties only available for rent for…

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The Property Market Has Topped

The property market has topped. Well…that’s what some experts are saying. Initially analysts at investment bank UBS called the top of the housing market a few weks ago, suggesting both market activity and price growth will now moderate. This week Corelogic’s stats showed their five city aggregate hedonic home value index has virtually held steady over…

Negative Gearing

Mistakes property investors make: Negative Gearing

Property investment is all about understanding the best strategies for you to achieve your financial goals and then researching the market for suitable properties to implement your strategy.  But some investors get into trouble because they decide to go against their own due diligence or ignore their budget entirely. While the development of a sound…


Explainer: What is reflation and is Australia experiencing it?

After years of deflation and disinflation, the economy is “reflating” – But it might not last, writes… Lee Smales, Curtin University Since the 2007 global financial crisis, policy makers have been fighting deflationary (falling prices) and disinflationary (prices rising at slow rate) pressures. But the global economy finally appears to be entering reflation – a…

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