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Population Growth – Where is it happening?

The population of Australia is projected to increases by 1,037 people daily in 2016.  Australia’s population is likley to increase by 378,476 people over the year and reach 24, 546,779 by the beginning of 2017. The natural increase is expected to be positive, as the number of births will exceed the number of deaths by 164,103. And if external…

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Quit your job & work in property full time | Michael Yardney [Podcast]

Have you ever thought of quitting your job and working on, or living off, your property full time? Is it even possible? In this show Michael Yardney, from Metropole Property Strategists, gives us a reality check. He says its possible but not easy and he explains why. Here’s  a transcript of the interview (Alternatively you can listen to the…


Some Lessons You Can Learn From These Successful Billionaires [infographic]

So what characteristics do billionaires have in common other than have more …well… money? According to Growth Everywhere, billionaires have a fair amount of useful advice when it comes to building a solid lifestyle. Whether it’s reading voraciously like Warren Buffet or learning to diversify like David Koch, you’ll find that one thing is true:…

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9 Reasons You Should Consider Setting Up A Self Managed Super Fund

I’m seeing more and more property investors setting up a SMSF with the intention of using it as a vehicle to buy a property investment. Of course before doing this, it’s important to get independent advice from a suitably qualified professional, but if you’re interested to know some of the benefits the following article from…


Nine costly financial mistakes you can correct before it’s too late

Successful investors learn as much from their mistakes as they do from their successes, whereas the average Australian seems to make the same financial errors over and over again, and wonders why things don’t change. To help place you in that successful group, let’s have a look at nine of the most common financial mistakes…


Why do I need a loan pre-approval before I start hunting for property?

While many property investors and most homebuyers don’t bother getting one, I believe a loan pre-approval provides you with a clear advantage when shopping for your investment property.  It enables you to buy with confidence knowing your finance has been pre-approved and it puts you in the position to buy properties unconditionally such as at auction….

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