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Green house

Latest property market data and trends

The latest market data and trends report from CoreLogic gives us a snapshot of what’s been happening around Australia this past week. Make the best property investment  buying and selling decisions by reading: Capital city home value changes over the last week, month and year Latest auction statistics by state How many properties are listed for sale by…

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Do the dramatic sharemarket gyrations mask longer term dangers?

We should not panic over the events of the last week. But slowing growth in China and concerns over “secular stagnation” in advanced economies present huge challenges writes… Richard Holden, UNSW Australia The past week saw dramatic movements on global equities markets, triggered by concerns about the Chinese economy. There were steep falls on indices…

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Sydney Houses Pass Million Dollar Mark While Resource States Contract Further

The median house in Sydney surpassed the million dollar mark in July and is now valued at $1,017,500. In the quarter ending July, the Sydney median house value grew an astonishing 7.58 per cent. The average quarterly growth rate of all other capital city house markets was just 0.92 per cent. Graph 1: Capital Growth…

Investment Planning

When it come to investing it’s best to have a long-term perspective

When it comes to the the gyrations of the markets, investors often don’t react as rationally as they might think. You see… Without knowing it we are pre-programmed with a range of biases which cause us to interpret information incorrectly and therefore make poor investment decisions. Put simply – our emotions threaten to commandeer our common…


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