Are You a Churchill or a Chamberlain?

It was clear to Winston Churchill, early on, that the Nazi regime was a great evil that needed to be defeated at any and all costs. 8361927_l

Churchill knew Hitler would never stop his aggression until he conquered all of Europe, including England. Nevill Chamberlain (England’s Prime Minister at the time), however, did not have the stomach to defend England from the Nazi’s, so he sought, instead, acompromise with Hitler.

After Hitler invaded Holland, Belgium and the Netherlands, Chamberlain was replaced as Prime Minister by Churchill.

England went on to rally the world against the Nazi regime, which was eventually defeated.

Those who pursue something they are passionate about are able to overcome their fears. 

Because they are 100% committed to their dream, purpose or calling in life, they do not give in to their fears.

They go all in.

They single-mindedly focus on realizing their dreams and no obstacles, pitfalls, failures, temporary defeats, rejections or mistakes are able to take them off their path or distract them from their single-minded focus.

The Churchill’s of the world never surrender, never compromise.

They either succeed or die trying.

So to those of you pursuing a dream, purpose or calling, I ask you, are you a Churchill or are you a Chamberlain?

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