USA property investment advice

Is the USA property market finally on the move?

CoreLogic (RP Data’s parent company) released their November House Price Index (HPI) this week, providing an up-to-date assessment of housing market conditions in the United States. The CoreLogic HPI provides the most authoritative assessment of how house prices are changing across the United States. The November results provide a further positive indicator that the US…

Look what’s happening to America’s middle class

I know investing in USA property has been popular recently. Of course just because some people think it’s a good idea doesn’t mean it is – does it? If you’ve been following my blogs about investing in the USA you’ll know I think it’s a bad idea – pure speculation. Anyway…I found this great blog by Morgan…

US housing is yet to hit bottom

With whispers of a US economic recovery being carried on the global economic winds, the one sector that is still holding this world superpower back is its real estate market. In stark contrast to Australia, American housing is being cited as the main reason for the US taking so long to get back on its…