Sydney population

Sydney's population growth has created an undersupply of housing

We know Sydney is creating more jobs than any other state and this has underpinned its population growth. Recently NSW Planning Minister, Rob Stokes, said that  Sydney’s population is growing faster than predicted, putting more pressure on the city’s already-stretched housing and transport needs. Stokes explained it is a “symptom of Sydney’s success.” Figures released…

Sydney population projections revised up

Population projections revised up  No surprise to readers of this blog, of course, but another big upwards revision to population projections in Sydney. Planning NSW released its latest data today showing the projected population in the state of New South Wales now being expected to reach 9.93 million by 2036. The reason for the upgrade…

The population density of Sydney

 We know Sydney is big and it’s population is growing strongly, but how dense it it? That’s a question the population forecasters at .iD answered. They see population density analysis as an important way of maintaining or increasing living standards which currently make many cities in Australia quality places to live in for existing residents and…