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Are Millionaires Just Lucky?

In my speaker role, I am often asked by someone, “How important is luck with respect to becoming rich?” It’s a very good question. There are certain self-made millionaires (Saver/Investors), where luck does not play much of a factor. These millionaires become rich by saving and prudently investing their savings.  Time, more than luck, is…

The Awesome Power of Beliefs

Whatever message my Dad was trying to convey to me, the message I got was that I was stupid. That single event created a limiting belief for many years. From that moment on, I believed I was stupid, and so, I got into the habit of not doing my homework or studying.  As a result,…

The Bridge to Tomorrow

Do you know where you will be in five years? What will your life be like, five years from today? What would you like your life to look like five years from today?  If you don’t know where you are going, the path to take really doesn’t matter. In my research of the rich and…

Are You Good Enough to Succeed?

Many people pursue success but very few actually realise success.  By success, I mean becoming rich by starting a business, either on the side or full-time. Although the Internet has made starting a business easier, success still is hard. The Internet has not taken the hard out of success. Those who succeed have what it…

The Longer Success Takes The Longer it Lasts

Success is built upon a mountain of mistakes. The higher that mountain, the greater your success. As crazy as it may sound, you want success to take a long time.   The longer you pursue success, the more you will learn from your mistakes and failures and the more expert you become in whatever you…

Money Habits of the Rich

Those who know how to manage money make it their slave. Those who do not, become its slave. In my research I discovered specific money habits of the rich that they used to accumulate enormous wealth: Put Money to Work – Accumulating money is good but it will not make you rich. You must put…

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