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How to get started in property development

Have you ever wondered how you get started in property development? I’ve recently noticed a trend in budding developers – they are looking for an overview of the property development process and they want it in a simple and accessible way. It’s probably in part because many of the property markets around Australia are flat or…

Property development guide part 8 - Increasing your chance of success & managing risk

In this series article, Bryce Yardney, Property Development Specialist at Metropole talks us through managing the risks associated with property development to increase the chances of success. I’ve found that once many property investors who’ve collected a few properties in their portfolio, become keen to “dabble” in property development. They see this as the next phase in their career and…

Taking your real estate investing to the next level

Have you thought about taking your real estate investing to the next level and getting  involved in property development? Many investors have because there are many benefits open to those who “manufacture” their own capital growth through property development. I’ve explained them in other articles in this series. No matter how large or small the property development project, developers tend to…